You sometimes find yourself forgetting the name of someone you've known for many years. It happens to everybody, but it can still be pretty scary. You may have thought that you're showing signs of Alzheimer's. This isn't likely, however. Before you freak out, why not try to do a few things to help your memory, like eating some of the following foods?

Improve your memory with the help of seeds, sunflower seeds to be specific. Sunflower seeds are regarded as a super food because they are loaded with vitamin E. Three ounces of dry roasted sunflower seeds will give you 90% of the vitamin E your body needs to take in every day. Vitamin E is essential to your health. Besides, nothing can be easier them eating sunflower seeds. You can eat the seeds plain or you can add them in your food.

It's important that your diet consists of high fiber foods. Fiber is important because it regulates the rate in which the brain absorbs sugar. While sugar is needed by the brain, it must be in small doses. Fiber is what helps regulate that. Fiber is easy to incorporate in your diet. Some good source of fiber are whole grains, vegetables, dried fruits, and beans.

Avocados are superfoods that are known to help improve memory. Avocados are loaded with vitamins C and E. Scientists at the forefront of Alzheimer's research say that vitamins C and E are responsible for inhibiting the formation of plaque that is the cause of the disease. Don't think that it's difficult to add avocados to your diet.

Make guacamole from avocados. Naturally, you should keep this one healthy by dipping veggies instead of chips in your guacamole. You can also add avocado to salad.

There are a lot of ways you can strengthen your brain and improve your memory. For instance, you can regularly do activities that engage the mind. You can also try brain exercises. You can also improve memory by making a change in your diet. You can improve your memory by eating more of the memory super foods. You've read about some of those super foods here. It's a good idea to do some more research on your own and find out what other foods you can eat to boost your memory.

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