Italic text means that the feature is implemented or partially implemented.

Bold text indicates that the feature is important.


  • Lighting that isn't tied to the view
  • Bloom (lot's of it)
  • Motion Blur (for RayMarch <3)
  • Actually make use of the bumpmapping
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Shadow mapping
  • Lens flares <3


  • Day/Night cycles
  • Inventory (not like the one now)


  • Teazel (the Herobrine)
  • Herobrine like creature would be cool
  • A'lot of Cats


  • Signs
  • Doors
  • Glass
  • Teazel Head Block

Modding Capabilities

  • Intermod communication
  • Lua code on GitHub
  • Drawing vertices VIA menus
  • Rendering textures
  • Create custom blocks

FunIsDangerous' Suggestions:

  • onEnable / onDisable (when mod is enabled or disabled)
  • onLevelLoaded / onLevelUnloaded
  • schedule function. A function that will allow you to schedule some code to happen in (for example) 10 game ticks


  • 3rd Person Camera
  • Custom Avatars
  • Lua debugger
  • Coloured text
  • Physics not tied to the framerate
  • Crouch button (eye position not updated)
  • Client to show an error message when connecting to an incompatible server
  • An Easter Egg to play Rob's earlier game Girls Life: SleepOver Party
  • Fix Players offset and/or origin
  • Smileys in chat

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