Not much is editable yet. When run, if the level to load does not exist, it creates a new one with that name, using the default random seed (unless specified otherwise)

  • port: 25276
  • max clients: 32
  • level to load: MyWorld (see below)

Specifying the level to load

if the server is run without any command line arguments, the default settings are:

  • level to load: MyWorld
  • random seed: rblstr

Command Line Arguments

command parameters description
-i folder_name Specifies the level name. Will be found in saves/ folder
-s random_seed Specifies the random seed to use for terrain generation. Is used only for new levels.

Specifying More Terrain Generation Parameters for a new level

Single player levels also load in multiplayer and vice versa. Therefore you can keep creating new levels in single player until you find a world you like, then load that in multiplayer.

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