General approach

Greenlight > kickstarter > early access (if needed)

What do I need to do for greenlight?

what MUST I do

  • new textures
  • demos for mac, linux, win32 (arent handled on greenlight)
  • some audio
  • Make It NOT look like minecraft
  • set up the company NOW
  • create a new Steam account
  • quality of the video will win / lose it?
  • DEFINITELY include in the video all the different world types
  • endless falling game mode??
  • A valid Steam account (duh!)
  • A submission form, chock full of details about you and your game
  • $100 in cold hard cash—this is a one-time fee, meaning that once it's paid you can submit as many games to Greenlight as you like
  • A branding image—essentially box art (512x512px and no larger than 1MB)
  • Media: At least one video, and four screenshots that represent your game
  • A description: typically just a paragraph or two that provides voters with an overview of your game and its features

  • should I have servers hosted on the cloud (so there are always a varietyt of them runnig? 24/7)
  • Describe... the game and what we are going to do with it
  • basically a tech demo to show how the game will play
  • basic audio... :(
  • bleach skin
  • features
* time of day
* weather
* seasons
* mobs
* modding functionality?
* better menus?
* volumetric fog
* water

What do I need to do for kickstarter?

  • work out tiered rewards
  • STRETCH goals
* stretch goals - I get more money and hire staff to get the game done quicker

What do I need to do for early access?

  • functionally finished

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