Howard announced the big plan: Title Loaded From File Harden together to deter the alliance five years! Howard and Harden will create what kind of miracle? Howard with Olajuwon training, the matter's attention almost comparable to this summer he joined the rocket's major decision, NBA (microblogging) public opinion on rockets and World of Warcraft is gradually increasing expectations, Howard himself is the ambition BEIJING - August 17, Howard told FOX Sports interview: said to work together with Harden, really affect and deter NBA four to five years time! 'Last year, in the eyes of many people was my downturn, but for me it was a year of recovering from a back injury and now I am looking forward to regaining my full energy.' Howard said, 'Last year I really did not Law fully exerted, and now we are experiencing wonderful training, I am very excited. 'Howard stressed that he and the Rockets have a detailed plan, and plan a major step is to accept the' dream 'Olajuwon training. 'I accepted Hakim's guidance for a few years, and I most need to learn from him is the footwork technology .Talent, domineering and so on are not all, just look at his footsteps (you can understand), his move is really Great moves. 'Howard said,' Dreams great, with such a great big man in history to help you to ensure that you continue to progress. 'Howard 7 times selected All-Star, 3 times the league's best defensive player , We can say that he proved himself on the defensive end of the dominant, Olajuwon and Rockets coach McHale special training for him, I hope he can sublimate offensive end. 'The coach told me that the team started from me and I have to, in fact, I can do it and rule the game at both ends of the court.' Howard said, 'I used to have a wonderful experience on the court and now I Is ushering in the most wonderful time of the career. 'FOX Sports is so described -' Olajuwon has given the Rockets twice the championship, and now the Rockets look forward to getting more from Howard. 'This requires Warcraft and the new Teammate team together on the pitch, last month he and Haddon had a joint practice in Losangeles, 'we practice very hard, work hard in the strength room, we are very excited.' Howard then expressed his right Hand in hand with Harden's expectation - 'I think we are moving to greatness and we have the opportunity to grow together to do the greatest thing.As a combination, we have a chance to truly deter this alliance in four or five years.' fire)

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