Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game are you making?

The game will be based on a blocky/voxel world. The same kind you see in games such as Minecraft. But even though it admittedly looks a bit like Minecraft at the moment, as the game develops, and as soon as development will switch to gameplay, it will be quite different. It is however still a bit too early to show the differences.

Some of the gameplay ideas that were mentioned on stream are:

  • Infinite worlds in all directions, i.e. up and down as well
  • Gravity in multiple directions.
  • Cube-shaped worlds
  • A "Minecraft vs. Monster hunter"-like gameplay
  • Mechanical elements such as motor blocks
  • A variety of vehicles


However, nothing is set in stone just yet. The aim is to make a game people like, and good suggestions are always welcome.

Is it a single or multi-player game?

It will be single and multiplayer. In fact, you can try the multiplayer mode in the Windows version right now by logging onto the server I'm hosting. A mod or admin will need to give you build rights though.

What is the name of the game?

The game is currently called "Diorama".

Is it a hobby project, or do you intend to make money from it?

I will be attempting to make money from it.

Will it be available for platform X?

Right now builds are available for Windows, but it will be a cross-platform game.

What engine/language/libraries are you using?

The engine is developed from scratch. It's written in C++, and uses raknet, openGL, glm, zlib, glfw etc... All scripting and modding is performed in Lua.

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