[29] *longitudinal Laminchhane et al. [30]USA (nationally representative sample) USA (SC)5th graders in 2004 and 8th graders in 2007 10-20 years (newly diagnosed with diabetes)Laska et al. [31]Distance and density of all food outlets to property and school (800, 1600 and 3000 m buffer zones) "Food and retail" scale - Meals outlet audit on random street segments within 0.25 mile of residence Availability of FF outlets ?onsite auditUSA (MN)10.8-17.7 yearsLeung et al. [32]USA (CA)six.5-8.1 yearsLongacre et al. [33]FF intake within the past week (self-reported)USA (NH and VT)12-18 yearsEngler-Stringer et al. BMC Public Well being 2014, 14:522 http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/14/Page five ofTable 1 Studies examining the relationship between neighborhood and consumer nutrition atmosphere and diet in kids (Continued)Mushi-Brunt et al. [34] Pabayo et al. [35] Grocery retailer availability and accessibility ?GIS within census tract Food outlet availability within 1km of property FV and FF costs from Cost of Living Index Distance to nearest food outlet, density/km2 of meals outlets within 800 m buffer zone of a child's dwelling Density of food outlets inside 400 and 800m network distance from college Price tag indices for meat, FV, dairy and FF calculated from Cost of Living Index Availability of 5 varieties of meals outlets inside 800m buffer zone of home Distance, density and availability of FF/takeaway within 800m of home and college Access to meals shops from household (poor to excellent) Self-reported NBH density of food outlets inside 5 km FV intake (FFQ) USA (Midwestern United states of america) Canada (AB) 6-11 yearsSSB intake (soft drink and fruit juice) (self-reported and Youngsters Consuming Behavior Questionnaire) Day-to-day FV consumption (self-reported) Food options (consisted of 15 frequent foods) (Overall health Behaviour in School Children (HBSC) questionnaire) Healthful vs unhealthy diet program scores (self-reported) Consumption of FV, milk, soft Hematoxylin custom synthesis drinks and FF within the past 7 days (meals consumption questionnaire) Consumption of FV (self-reported) Consumption of FF/takeaway (self-reported) Diet plan quality index, day-to-day servings of FV, energy from fat (Harvard FFQ) Macronutrient and calorie intake (food consumption questionnaire)4-5 yearsPowell et al.And high college students (no distinct age reported) Two samples 5?1 and 12?8 years 11-14 years (boys only)USA (San Diego, Boston, Cincinnati) USA (TX)Fraser et al. [23] He et al. [24]UK (former Avon county) Canada (ON)13 years 11-14 yearsHe et al. [25]Food buying behaviour (FF and comfort retailer) (selfreported) Consumption of four meals groups: high fat foods, junk food/soft drinks, fruit, and vegetables (FFQ) FV, one hundred juice consumption (FFQ)Canada (ON)11-14 yearsHo et al. [26]Hong Kong14.5 years (mean)Jago et al. [27]USA (TX)10-14 (boys only)Jennings et al. [28]Food group intake (Meals and drink diary) FF consumption inside the past 7 days (self-reported) The all round dietary intake excellent composed of 8 meals groups (grains, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, nuts/seeds/legumes, fats/ oils, sweets) and meals group consumption (DASH Index) Meals group consumption (24 hour recall) Total energy intake (24 hour recall)UK (Norfolk)9-10 yearsKhan et al.

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