Ancient tantra teaches us that yoni massage is an excellent way of building trust between partners - a very vital factor in any relationship. The yoni tantra massage is also used to assist women who need to break through sexual blocks or trauma by creating a powerful bond of safety. Women who have had less-than-pleasant sexual experiences, and whose yoni was 'used' but not loved, can release these old hurts completely through the process of this ancient tantra technique, awakening to a new, love-centred sexuality. It can also remove emotional memories that manifest in the body as illnesses, tumors, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorders.The woman, catered to as a tantra goddess, should fully receive the gift without the expectation that she give back in any way. At all times during this tantra technique, the woman must be in the moment with sensual touch, without any goals to achieve. The central point of this spiritual, yet erotic massage is neither the technique or sequence, but the fact that it is a path leading to supreme conscious awareness of the yoni.

The practitioner must not proceed without expert guidance from an accomplished tantra teacher, for the yoni is in a very vulnerable state after a yoni massage. The practitioner must also remember that the practice of tantra yoni massage requires total concentration and a considerable stretch of dedicated time (two to three hours at the minimum). It must necessarily be administered as part of a tantra ritual, since it intends to transform the divine space into a temple of love. Both partners must purify themselves with a bath or an extensive shower beforehand.Your tantra master will caution you that this tantra technique can yield completely different kegel exercises eggs effects each time. Whatever the effects may be after each session, both partners treat each other with a lot of care. After completion, the woman may be much more open and vulnerable, and a word said unmindfully can hurt much more than it would otherwise.

The yoni tantra massage consists of a unique combination of twirls, stokes and techniques, including 'Shaktipat paddati' and energizing subliminal points, stroking the soul and 'Sahasraram Shuddhi paddati'. When used for healing, a yoni massage involves strokes designed for connecting the heart, mind and yoni in a deep state of meditation-induced relaxation. It must remain non-intrusive and empowering, both for the giver and receiver.Finally, it is imperative to keep in mind that tantra and yoni tantra massage have strong repercussions on the mind, body and soul, and must be practiced solely under the supervision of an tantra teacher.

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